First and foremost this is a proactive approach to ice control versus a reactive approach and will reduce accidents and injuries along with liability. There is no loose gravel on parking lot to roll under foot or track into building. Eliminates costly removal of build up with heavy equipment. Reduces spring cleanup cost. Keeps appearance of properties neat and clean.

Alaska Melt is produced from natural chloride materials with added corrosion inhibitor to meet PNS specifications. Alaska Melt is formulated for anti-icing and deicing in temperatures from 32 degrees to -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Alaska Melt is formulated for a spray application. Pretreat applications are to prevent icing from occurring from Fog, light precipitation, and moisture off of vehicles. Applications during precipitation events will prevent icing and buildup from occurring. This will be determined by the amount of precipitation occurring at a given time. Post treatment applications will melt and release any buildup that has occurred from a precipitation event.

Data Sheets

Item Number
Alaska Melt Safety Data Sheet #15618 PDF 668
Alaska Melt Product Data Sheet Anti-icing and De-icing PDF 320
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