Blizzard SnowplowsBlizzard Snowplows manufacture truck and skid steer mounted snowplows, including the expanding Blizzard Power Plow ™ snowplow, and the Rockit Power Blade™ bulldozer attachment – an earthmoving attachment engineered to increase dozing efficiency in every application. In addition, we also manufacture three exclusive straight blade snowplows and offer a complete line of quality snowplow accessories. All of our products are available through Apun.

KM InternationalKM International manufacturers affordable asphalt maintenance equipment including infrared asphalt recyclers, asphalt hotbox reclaimers, crack maintenance equipment and sealcoat storage and application units.


SealMasterSealMaster Pavement Sealers And Coatings manufactures sealcoating material, pavement maintenance products and equipment.

DownEasterDownEaster Salt & SandSpreaders manufactures spreaders, trailers, truck bodies, hoists, and accessories.